HIPAA Privacy Rule: Enhancing or Harming the Public's Health?

Handouts and Resources

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Examples from Thurston County, Washington

Federal Government Resources

Various federal agencies and committees have produced a wealth of information on the Privacy Rule. HHS' Office for Civil Rights (OCR), for example, provides assistance mostly to covered entities preparing to comply with the Rule. Its website (see address below) includes "Frequently Asked Questions," sample "business associate" contract provisions, reference documents, and other technical assistance information. This and many additional federal rescuers may particularly be relevant for public health authorities or covered entities working to internet public health issues.

State Government Resources

Many state health departments/agencies or public health divisions/offices have worked to interpret and apply the Privacy Rule to their state-specific public health systems. Some of these "HIPAA" oriented state websites are included.

Associations, Nonprofit Organizations, and Academic Resources

Public health associations, organizations, and academic institutions often have their own "HIPAA" websites that provide interpretations from a non-governmental perspective. Some of these resources are listed below, with each site offering numerous additional online links.